Let's be fair: the are some good aspects to life, as well. (Count that many, if that be your notion!)

(You know, I think that... in the three poems that precede my crude, unholy, flagitious ranting, I've expressed these aspects rather well, poignantly even -- if I may say so -- and, if indeed I may say so, I'll say that I mean it no less than as measured in absolute terms, and not merely relative to any individual's life, or a particular culture. ABSOLUTELY. How's that for a conception, huh?!)


K. said...

Ime, homo, munaa!

K. said...

En tarkoittanut sitä pahalla! Tarkoitukseni oli yksinkertaisesti loukata sinua.

K. said...

Ihmiset hyvät, käykää automaatilla, ja nostakaa keskustelunne tasoa!