However, it would seem this spirit be nothing more than a frivolous entity of pneuma, yet I'd give it some credit for the effort -- as I conceive it -- as a "downside of certain phenomenon" -- an ungrateful task, since things have downsides, be it for the spirits or mechanics pure, it just so happens. Why not, instead, be the spirit of unbounded creation, for instance? -- Then, wherever might you ever be headed, you'd find people laying down on their knees just to express their loyal elation before your workings. So if you like praise...

Me? Generally, I don't recognize praise, at all, but there are exceptions. At least there used to be, still some time ago.

So I got news for you, if you're not into science of pneumatics, yourself. ...namely, ...

Mmmh, no, sorry --

You've got to excuse me for a second (one of the longer ones).

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