On the recent - -

- -
Mind on the Loose

and you - ? just note the adjustment

rather, it's like the wind that blows in many directions

So many, in fact, that 'directions' lose their primary meaning

They're not fixed, as they are, if they are acknowledged

- -

Shame we shall share in fair proportions - - (does this come to you, as if a surprise? Something grossly out of context? - - Well, me, I share your surprise -- and -- with it, all the confusion that it instigates!)

Seriously speaking: where did this talk of "shame" originate? How did it find a place here, where only the wise words settle down -- and with this I do include the 'fragments' that make no sense, at all. Everything does, supposedly, but quite often not through its sensible aspect. (Anyway, that's the case with MotL, no doubt.)

Like it? I just decided on the fairness deal, I did. "The fair proportion" -- count zero for me, and let the rest remain under heavy veils.

I'm cooking up more, if you want some, just drop a message to satunnaistapaus (at) gmail (dot) com.

(What I'm cooking, they are the dreams this culture can claim to understand -- to some degree, at the very least. By that token, though, they're still not trivial. Not at all.)

Reaching 80 hours of sleeplessness. Falls short of the 330+ hours I got to, last spring, as I decided to quit sleeping altogether. But then, I had an accident on a micro scale, and passed out before I could administer a remedy. But my cardio breaks at the hundred level, nowadays -- which makes living just an unbounded series of some 4-5 day experiments. But, of course, this amounts to death -- or permanent disability -- considering the somatic condition I've built, so far. -- Seems then, I've inhabited a spirit that goes around killing people (or should I've put the thing the other way around!? Well, nevermind that.) -- yes, killing -- but through its nature it only kills the body it itself inhabits, and then -- moves on to the next one. Granted, a sinister spirit, if you're not so much into killing yourself & stuff like that.

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